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better parking for better places

Parking is changing – fast.

Home working, online shopping, mobile-technologies, mobility as a service, all are transforming our lives – including the way we park.

How can a parking operator manage these changes? By having visibility on what is happening NOW and the ability to forecast future needs. is a real-time parking management platform for local authorities. It enables managers to optimise the use of parking assets and provide insights into opportunities to make parking a vital part of better placemaking.


live data

The dashboard shows live occupancy status for all parking bays. This can be presented as a list view or as an interactive map, in which each bay can be seen along with its current status

Every time a space becomes free or is occupied, the event is recorded and the data securely stored

layered data

Parking sensor network data can be enhanced by secondary data sets. These can be primary data sets like automatically captured footfall data or open data sets, like the London Air Quality network 

analyse data

The ANALYSER tab in the dashboard allows reports to be generated for any date ranges the user chooses. These can be easily configured to cover specific sites, ranges of parking areas or whole boroughs

share data

All data generated by can be exported for use in other reporting platforms or shared with the public via open data streams. We are committed to open data and support the Alliance for Parking Data Standards – a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to develop, promote, manage, and maintain a uniform global standard that will allow organisations to share parking data across platforms worldwide.